Wednesday, August 27, 2014

OneStop How To's for a New School Year

Before your student begins the Fall Semester, OneStop Student Services has a few How To's to share with you.

If you as a parent will be contacting the OneStop office to discuss financial aid or student account concerns/questions, please know that the FERPA (Family Education Rights & Privacy Act) must be authorized by your student.  This authorization is located on the student's OneStop page - #7A in the main checklist.  Your student will create a 6 digit code during their authorization.  Please have this on hand to confirm your identity so that you are able to speak with our office.  Also located in the checklist, #7b is the enroll or decline Health Insurance authorization form.  Both authorizations are interactive, and can be completed fully online. 

Please take a moment to review your student's financial aid award letter.  If there are any discrepancies such as on/off campus housing, student level etc., please contact the OneStop office.

Once offered financial aid, if you or your student have any questions about the content of the award, please call or email a Counselor with OneStop to discuss the award letter contents.  The easiest way to reach us is at or by phone at 218-723-6570.

If you have completed your FAFSA for academic year 2014-2015 and have not received an award letter, please contact OneStop to make sure all documents needed have been received.  

Schedule Bills for Fall 2014 are emailed to your student's CSS email account.  An additional copy of the schedule bill can be emailed to a second email address with the authorization of the student.  This additional email can be added to your student's OneStop Page under the Providing Guest Access. 
 Click here for an example of a schedule bill to assist in the review of your student's information.

Payment Options:
Cash payments will be accepted by the Cashier located next to the OneStop office in Tower 1127.  The cashier is available Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00.

Online checks and credit card payments can be made online.  A student can make a payment from their OneStop page #8 on the checklist, and a parent can be granted guest access to make a payment online.  A student can grant this access by adding the information required in the Providing Guest Access box on their OneStop page.  Please note there is a 2.75% fee for card (debit or credit) payments made online.

You can enroll in a payment plan for Fall and/or Spring - each offer a rolling monthly payment plan of up to five payments.  If you wish to sign up for the Fall plan, please do so before September 3rd to have the first payment deducted from an account you designate on September 5th (At the time of posting, there are only 4 payments available remaining on the plan for Fall 2014).  Payments will be deducted on the 5th of each month.  A plan will be available for Spring sometime the middle of December.  To enroll each semester there is a required $25.00 non-refundable enrollment fee.  To sign up on the plan you will work with your student on their OneStop Page.  The enrollment plan is located on #5 of the OneStop checklist.

Wire Transfer is available to families living abroad.  Please contact Christy Alvar or Terry Marholz 1-800-447-5444 to for more information on a wire transfer of funds.

We look forward to working with you and your student(s) as we move in to the 2014-2015 academic school year. 

Please contact a Counselor with OneStop Student Services if you have any questions regarding your student's account or the contents of this message.

Toll free Calls: 1-877-287-8716 
Local Calls: 1-218-723-6563 
Office: Tower 1130 - Monday- Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM

Thank you,

Friday, August 1, 2014

Move-in Schedule

Housing Moving Schedule "At a Glance"

We are so excited for the return of students this fall!  This past summer, the staff in the Residential Life and Housing office put on our "conferencing/hotel manager" caps and have been busy providing housing to a diverse group of guests.  It has been our pleasure to welcome alumni, long-term summer renters, Grandma's Marathon athletes, students from Russia, high-school Upward Bound / Upward Bound Math Science participants, and seminarians (just to name a few).  In addition to this, we also provided summer housing to CSS students in Pine, Maple and Willow Hall.

As we transition back to our mission-centered work of providing a vibrant living and learning environment for  all students, we thought it might be helpful for parents to have access to our move in schedule:

Residential Life and Housing
Moving Dates At a Glace:

August 29
Welcome Weekend Begins
New First-Year Student Move-in Day

August 30 - September 1
Apartment Residents Move-in
Keys can be picked up at the front desk of Somers Hall.  RAs will be available from 10 am - 2 pm each day to greet each student and complete the room condition report.

Early Arrival Information:
If your student needs to arrive early for a non-college sponsored activity, please ask them to complete the Early Arrival Application found via the housing link in your OneStop page. The cost for moving into fall housing before August 30, is $50 per day and applications are due August 4th

Please note that all early arrival requests must be approved by the Residential Life department. Students who are required to arrive early for college-sponsored activities are not subject to this charge and do not need to complete this form. In addition, late requests are subject to a $25 late processing fee.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Do you really need to bring all that ‘stuff’ to College?

 Now that the long July 4th Holiday weekend has passed, many parents (not necessarily their student) are looking ahead to either a new or another school year and asking themselves ‘do they really need to bring all that stuff with them’?  Yes, and no.
Within this website you can find a section called ‘what to bring’ by starting at the Home Page,  clicking on Student Affairs, then Housing/Residential Life, FAQ’s. There are a lot of suggestions on what your student could bring to campus, whether the plan is to live in a Dorm or an Apartment. This is what we found to be most helpful…
Less is more. Bulk cleaning and food items may cost less yet there is simply not enough room to store it all. A rechargeable (gift) card for Walmart or Target will let your student purchase what is needed within your budget vs spending a lot of money buying bulk items that may never be used once they get there. Single serve microwaveable meals or servings actually save money by reducing waste as there is no room in the small fridge for leftovers.  Disposable plates, paper towels, silverware and cups may seem wasteful, yet as many of you already know, students don’t do dishes!! If your student is willing to wash their dishes, purchase your ‘treasures’ at the local Thrift store so there is no stress if they should get broken or lost.
Less is more with clothing as well…even though your student might think so, they do not need to bring 25 pairs of socks and underwear, 30 shirts, 20 pairs of pants and shoes, etc. The idea of doing laundry on Friday or Saturday night is not appealing nor is the huge pile of dirty, smelly laundry left  in their closet or on the floor of their room. As a matter of fact, they come to appreciate the idea that they can wear some of their items more than once before it goes in the wash.
What to bring then? For clothing, warm gear was a must (and they use it well into spring in Duluth). Extra batteries, surge protectors, extension cords or HDMI/connectors for the TV, cable, video system, computers, etc.  Extra light bulbs for the lamp, perhaps a small floor rug and a floor vac to keep it clean and tidy.  A First aid kit and basic over the counter and/or prescription medications that you know your student would need to keep on hand.
What to keep at home? A copy of all important documents that your student brought with such as their driver’s license, social security card, bank/debit card information, medical/other legal forms. Make and model/serial numbers of the equipment (laptop, TV, gaming system, phone, fridge, etc) and current online/other account information, ID’s and passwords. This information will be invaluable should anything be lost or stolen. Most importantly, keep in mind that if they feel they can’t live without it, better to leave it at home vs trying to replace it later.
Whereas this is not a complete list of what to bring or not to bring, we found that your student can be as comfortable at their home ‘away from home’ with as little, as with much.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Summer Student Housing

Today (April 24) students who signed a summer lease received their roommate and placement information. The cost for summer housing will be added to your student's schedule bill in the near future.  When possible, we did our best to place students according their current and future placement to lessen the number of times a student is required to move.  

As mentioned in our Summer Student Web site - (and our summer lease) current spring residents need to be prepared to move from their spring placement into their summer housing within 24 hours of official notice from our office.  Students who signed (at least) a one month lease will not be charge for housing during this time-frame.  As we begin to develop our cleaning schedule, we will work hard to provide students an estimated moving date to help them plan ahead.  For the short term, please review our summer housing timeline for an overview.

This summer we will have three RAs living in community with our students along with several guests attending conferences or staying as part of our senior summer rental program.  In addition, I am happy to share that our professional resident duty staff will also be on campus.

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Joelle McGovern,
Residential Life

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to Join the CSS Parent Council

10.  Be "in the know" about CSS.
9. Meet interesting people: President Goodwin, CSS staff, and other parents.
8. Give input from a parent perspective to improve CSS.
7. Gain perspective from other parents.
6. Have a good reason to visit the Duluth campus and satellite campuses.
5. Attend important CSS events:  Lighting a Tradition and Holiday Party in December, and Dinner with the President.
4. Learn about resources available at CSS and BE a resource to fellow CSS parents.
3. Contribute to the well-being of CSS: table at move-in day, tent at homecoming, spring and fall parent socials.
2. Keep connected and involved with your students' education.
1. Eat good food with great people, especially Elizabeth!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Housing Renewal Update

The Residential Life Office is happy to share that housing renewal is near completion for current residents -- upperclass students have been placed and current first-year students received their placement order for selection on March 28.  It is an exciting time (and a privilege) for our office as we begin to help students think about their living/learning environment for next year.

At this time, there is a wait-list for upper-class housing. However, the Residential Life Office is committed to providing on-campus housing to all students who wish to live on campus. If your student missed the opportunity to participate in the housing renewal process, and would like to submit a housing application for next year, they can access renewal applications via their OneStop Page in Cor.

We are also happy to share that all residential buildings on campus will be considered co-ed during the 2014-15 academic year. Individual apartments, rooms and suites will remain same-gender within the housing unit (e.g. an apartment will have just men or just women). The buildings impacted by this change include Cedar Hall and Pine, Willow, Maple and Birch Apartments. Kerst, Scanlon, and Groves will continue to be co-ed. Somers will continue to be co-ed by wing.

The Residential Life Department at The College of St. Scholastica believes that it is important to provide on-campus building options that are equitable to all students regardless of gender. We also believe that co-ed buildings provide students a healthy, safe living environment that reflects the real world and better prepares students for living off-campus. Our Benedictine values guide our decisions and our community expectations. Students who live in a co-ed building will continue to experience a supportive living environment where both genders have the opportunity to become stewards of their community through respect and hospitality.

These beliefs motivated our exploration of changing sophomore housing to become co-ed. This fall, when we began to consider this decision, we conducted a survey of current apartment residents to gain their feedback regarding this proposal. The results of this survey indicated that the majority of current residents felt this would be a positive change.

Current first-year students now have access to view which apartments are available and will be able to choose from these openings on placement night (scheduled for April 8th). If you have questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me or view our resources via the link below.

Thank you,
Joelle McGovern
Residential Life

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Graduation Day Planning

Things You Need To Know About Graduation by Anita Greden

Graduation will be held May 10, 2014 at 2:00 p.m., at the DECC Amsoil Arena.  It is a busy time, not only for the graduate, but for his/her family as well. Here are a few tips to minimize the stress and help make your son or daughter's graduation an exciting experience for everyone.

*      Get a headcount of your relatives and friends you would like in attendance.

*      Make dinner reservations EARLY if you plan to go out to dinner after the ceremony.

*      Make hotel reservations EVEN EARLIER!
Call to make reservations.  Discounted rates may be available from the following Duluth hotels: 
Country Inn & Suites
4257 Haines Road
Duluth, MN 55811
(218) 740-4500

301  East Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 733-5660

 Inn on Lake Superior
350 Canal Park Drive
Duluth, Minnesota 55802
(218)726-1111 or (888) 668-4352

*      Baccalaureate Mass
Saturday, May 10, 9:30 a.m., in Mitchell Auditorium

*      Parking
o   There is plenty of parking at the DECC in the ramp and its skywalk connects to downtown Duluth.  A daily pass for a regular vehicle can be purchased at the parking booth for $5.00, and guests receive a ticket for re-entry all day. There is also surface parking.
o   The 3rd floor of the parking ramp is the skyway level.
DECC Parking Ramp link:

*      Seating
o   Seats fill up early.  Arrive 1 hour early at the DECC/Amsoil Arena.  The number of seats is not a problem, but you will want to get there early for the best seats and to get enough seats so your entire party can be together.
o   If you have family arriving separately, arrange to meet ahead of time if you want to sit together.
o   Arrange a meeting place for after the ceremony.  It is very difficult to find family after the ceremony.
o   If you want to avoid stairs, stay on the top floor where there are folding chairs.
o   Grandparents:  There is plenty of handicapped parking right outside the DECC and in the parking ramp. It is a long walk from Amsoil Arena to the reception and may be challenging for the elderly.

*      Graduate Seating
All the graduates are on the floor of Amsoil Arena with the stage at one end.  Scope out the arena for the best seat to see your graduate.  Graduates walk in and out on one side of the arena.  Undergraduates walk in first with the Doctoral students last.  Undergrads are announced in alphabetical order, not by major.

Once the graduate arrives at the Arena, you will not be able to see him/her until after the ceremony. They line up in the DECC Arena where no one other than the graduates can access.  They then walk in line to Amsoil Arena.

*      Be prepared
Graduation lasts about 2 hours. Keep this in mind if you are bringing little kids or the elderly. Concessions are sold in the concourse.  Bring reading material.

*      After the ceremony
There is a reception, but it is difficult to meet up with the graduate. It is even more difficult to get to the reception with an elderly relative. Your best bet is to have an arranged meeting place and time, perhaps at a restaurant.

*      Ask the graduate what he/she wants to do.  Does the graduate want to spend time with classmates at the reception and meet up with family later at a restaurant?  Faculty will be present as well; your graduate may want to say thanks and/or good-bye to them. Maybe the graduate wants to skip the friends and just be with family.

*      Pictures
This is a perfect time for family pictures.  There is a professional photographer at the ceremony. The pictures are excellent and PROFESSIONAL!  Take advantage of this. Your graduate will get information on how to purchase these and how to preview the proofs.  There are multiple shots to choose from and multiple packages.  You may also want to set up a place and time for family pictures (say outside with the Arial Lift Bridge in the background).

*      Dress Code for Parents at the Ceremony
You will see a variety of dress; your best bet is shirt and tie for men, dress or dress pants for women.  This is a large arena; you may want to bring a sweater or light jacket to put on if needed.

*   BE FLEXIBLE! HAVE FUN! This only happens once for the graduate.  Take it all in.  It is an experience that you and your graduate will never forget!