Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Additional Resource for Students and Parents

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CSS students and parents,
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Take good care,
Julie Zaruba Fountaine
Wellness Coordinator
College of St. Scholastica

Monday, August 22, 2016

Resources Available Just for Parents!

Hello Wonderful Parents!

The College of St. Scholastica has developed a resource just for you!

Check out the Just For Parents website to receive information on student health and safety , on campus resources and more!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Welcome to the College of St. Scholastica (CSS)!

Welcome to the start of the 2016-2017 academic year!
I am a mom, too!  Although mine is a
bit younger! A future Saint in training!

I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Marisa Sanderson.  I am the coordinator of Student Activities on campus! I am hard at work getting ready for Welcome Weekend 2016 and all the wonderful events and activities planned for the fall!

I will also be a primary contact for new parents.  Most of you will want to use these emails and phone numbers to answer your questions, but if you don’t know who to contact, feel free to contact me at  or 218-723-6147 with any questions or concerns and I will do my best to answer your questions or find the right person who will.

Fall 2016 Important Dates

Friday, September 2:  Move in Day for new students from 9:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday and Monday, September 4-5: Move in Days for Returning Students  from 9:00-2:00

Friday, September 9: Last day to change meal plan selection before it gets "locked in" for the semester

What to bring to College? Check out the New Student FAQ Page 

Additional Resources:

OneStop for Financial Aid, Bills, and Registration Status
218-723-6570   or   1-877-287-8716 (toll free)

Residential Life and Housing (including what to bring and dorm room dimensions)

Food concerns/Dietary questions

Computer Purchasing and Tech Questions

Welcome Weekend Schedule

August Adventures

Health Insurance and Vaccination
Click on the links on the right to get insurance info.
I understand this can be an exciting and also stressful time of year. I am here to help calm your nerves and make the transition of your student to their new home go as smoothly as possible.  They have selected a wonderful school and we are all very excited to welcome your students into our CSS Community. Enjoy your summer and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, such as what to bring to college, or any other concerns!

Take care,
Marisa Sanderson

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Be Prepared for Fall

Going camping in the beautiful wilderness of Minnesota is both a privilege and a pleasure for many who enjoy spending their summer days outside. From fireside s'mores, to quietly fishing in local lakes, there is something for everybody. However, before camping, there is much needed prep work to make the experience as easy as possible. A checklist is a good way to ensure all equipment and supplies are in order as well as time set aside for planning hikes and activities. While going off exploring and letting nature take it’s course is fun, being prepared is crucial to safety and security.
We here at OneStop know not everyone is enthusiastic about the great outdoors, yet we still like to emphasize the importance of preparation. This week we will be sending out the first Schedule/Bills for the fall semester electronically to student’s CSS email accounts. Schedule / bills itemize the charges on students’ accounts, including tuition and fees, housing, meals, health insurance and any course or lab fees. Keep in mind we are sending these out early to ensure you and your student are prepared for the upcoming school year.
Going to college is much like a trip into the woods and OneStop tries to provide a map to help alleviate any anxiety and stress coming into an unfamiliar place. Some parents might already know the lay of the land, while others are taking their first steps on the CSS trail; we are here to make sure you and your student can manage the business side of being a student. The best way to do so is to check and make sure all items are accounted for. When the first Schedule/Bill comes, please cross check with your financial aid award letter to see what is needed for the fall semester. If there are discrepancies, questions, or confusion, let us know so we can help light the way and show the best path for your student.
Preparation is key to success for St. Scholastica students and with the Schedule/Bills coming out, the preparation will become much easier. We would like to also reiterate our commitment to fostering a safe and comfortable community. Please encourage your students to stop by and say hello. We can set up appointments, answer questions or redirect to other resources and most of all ensure your student knows where they stand in regards to their financial situation. As always, either email or call or stop in anytime.

Posted by Thomas Gallegos
OneStop Student Services Counselor
The College of St. Scholastica

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Student Employment: What you Need to Know

The classic question pops into student minds every summer: if students aren’t at St. Scholastica, does it still run? While a tree might not make a sound if no one is there to hear, we at the college are anything but quiet and stationary. With our employees making sure summer classes are running smooth and ultimately preparing for the start of September, student employment is still on our minds. While not every student is necessarily granted student employment, there are still plenty of non-work study jobs on campus to apply for.
As of right now, many jobs are posted for summer positions, however, this will change as more and more departments offer employment to students ranging from working in the Burns Wellness Center, to working for admissions. Student Employment is a need based program which many of our students participate in to help pay for the year and sometimes have some left over to save and spend.
Make sure your student is prepared by making sure they are taking care of a few key items. First is going to our employment website and keep looking for openings. We as a college post jobs on a rolling basis and the page is added to and refreshed with new positions periodically. Once your student has applied and hired, they will have to do the ACT training (confidentiality training) which can be completed online. An I-9 and W-4 must be turned in as well. For the I-9, we need certain documentation from your student to verify their eligibility, which can be found at the link below. Furthermore, if your student doesn’t want a paper check, they can turn in a direct deposit. We suggest attaching a voided check since it is the easiest, but writing your routing information would be acceptable too. Keep in mind, it’s important to write legibly because the account information you provide will be used for depositing the funds.
Once all of these items are completed, they can be turned into our OneStop office for processing. We take employment forms all year round, however, the documentation has to be in at a minimum of three days before they start work. As always, our office is here to answer any questions or help anyone filling out these forms. While we work hard every day, encourage your student to keep looking for employment, turn in their paperwork, and enjoy summer before the warm weather fades to a crisp fall.
Student Employment Site:
Direct Deposit:

Posted by Thomas Gallegos
OneStop Student Services Counselor
The College of St. Scholastica

Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer is a time for sunshine!

Summer is a time for sunshine, ice cream, cold dips in lakes, and of course financial aid. Even though the St. Scholastica halls are sparse and orientations have come and gone, we are still working very hard to help all students. From graduate to incoming first years, our office has open doors and friendly faces. We here just want to let you all know our dedication to the student body, even when the bright blue sky brings us chirping birds and beautiful breezes.
A couple items to keep in mind for both incoming parents and returning; remember to have your student fill out the FERPA authorization and have them give you the six digit numerical code they created so when we ask we can talk to you about your student’s account. Also, if you haven’t provided proof of health insurance, please do so when you see fit, or you can opt-in for student health insurance, which is open as of now. Another item to keep in mind is the Refund Authorization, which your student can select to have their potential refund return to them or stay on the account from fall to spring. All of these business items are located on the student’s OneStop Student Services Checklist on their OneStop page in Cor. If you or your student are having troubles locating any of these, please let us know. Although summer time is in full bloom, we are here to help.

Tomorrow is Grandma’s Marathon and since it is the 40th anniversary, Duluth is bustling with excitement. An overall sense of runner anticipation is thicker than the humidity in the air. We want to wish all visitors, volunteers, and of course runners the best of luck and joy. Grandma’s is a special time of year and we hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. Run hard, study harder, and as always let OneStop know if we can help you or your student manage the business side of being a student because while school may seem like a sprint, we are here for the full marathon of your student’s journey through St. Scholastica.
From our Family to yours, have a wonderful weekend!
Posted by Thomas Gallegos
OneStop Student Services Counselor
The College of St. Scholastica

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Parents! FERPA Information

College is an exciting time for students and parents alike. With the shifting seasons, and for many, the first time away from home, keeping in contact can be a tough endeavor, even for the more seasoned Seniors. However, whether you are a new or returning parent, there is one piece of business to keep in mind to help manage the business side of being a student. The Family Education and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows us as counselors to speak with certain student approved people to discuss student account inquiries.
            The FERPA authorization, which can be found on the student’s OneStop page in Cor, item number 7a on the OneStop Student Services Checklist, is a key component to keeping vital communication with the college. If students wants to have a loved one to have access to talking about their student account, whether that is financial aid awards and disbursement, student account charges and payments, SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress), academic information including grades, or discipline/behavior/residential life concerns, the FERPA needs to be filled out. Students will determine which person or persons will have access.  They will create a six digit authorization code that should be shared with the person they authorize us to speak with about their account. OneStop counselors (and any College personnel) will ask for this 6 digit code when an authorized person inquiries about a student’s account.   The code serves as an additional level of security to support our compliance with the FERPA regulations. After it is submitted, the loved ones will have to get and remember that code so when they do want to talk about the account, they will have to verbally say the code to the counselor as to show they have permission to speak on behalf of the student. We suggest writing it down in a safe, secure place as to not forget.
            This code is crucial as it is a safe-hold from unauthorized people discussing your student’s account. Please, remind and inform your student to go to their OneStop page and fill out the FERPA today. As always, if there are any questions or concerns, the OneStop office is open and happy to help either by walk-in, email, or phone calls (, 218-723-6570). Although it may be summer, and the lake breeze giving Duluth a nice reprieve, we here at St. Scholastica just want to make sure your student is taken care of for the beginning of the year. Enjoy the sunshine and remember to encourage your student to fill out the FERPA.

Posted by Thomas Gallegos
OneStop Student Services Counselor

The College of St. Scholastica