Friday, September 28, 2012

Community Day

As many of you know, we are very committed to living, in every word, thought and deed, our Benedictine values of Community, Hospitality, Respect, Stewardship and Love of Learning. We actively strive to do that every day, in every interaction. But sometimes we have big, community wide efforts to put our beliefs into action. Our CSS Centennial Community Day is Wednesday, October 3. Classes are not held during the day so that 1000 volunteers from the CSS community, students, staff and faculty, will be going into our Duluth community and helping where we are needed.

Due to the intense flood damage in Duluth from the rains this summer, many of these people will be helping with the restoration of the community's parks and trails.

Is your student volunteering? Feel free to forward this link to your student to sign up and help out our beautiful city.

Register Link:

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