Monday, August 26, 2013

Extending the Drop/Add Period for Fall 2013 registration

Student are now able to make changes to their semester courses on their OneStop page in COR.  A student would log on to their OneStop page and under the Registration Tools box, click on Drop/Add classes and proceed with the update of their registration.  
Extending the Drop/Add Period

Students will now be able to accomplish most adds and drops during the first three days of each term using Banner Web’s registration process. Benefits of the revised policy include:
  1. Opportunity for process efficiency.
  2. Ease the frustration to students who currently spend time walking a paper form to their instructor and advisor for signatures.
  3. Ease the frustration to students who currently spend time waiting in line to deliver their signed forms.
  4. Eliminate the potential of students circumventing the process by offering a signature "on behalf" of their advisor.
  5. Eliminate the process time for manually entering drops and adds into the Banner system, adding value to the accuracy of a census record during the first several days of the semester.
Examples for Continued Use of Paper Forms

Students will need to continue using paper forms for the following reasons (this list is not all inclusive):
  • When a course needs departmental or instructor approval.
  • If a student has a hold preventing registration.
  • When a student attempts to register for over 18 credits.
  • When a course is closed or has a campus restriction.
  • If a student is registering for an independent study.
  • If a student attempts to drop following the last day to drop.
If you or your student have any questions, please contact a Counselor with OneStop Student Services.
We are staffed Monday - Friday 8:00-4:30 - and can be reached via email;, telephone; toll free 1-877-287-8716, local 723-6570 or in person; Tower 1130, Duluth campus during staffed hours.

OneStop looks forward to another great year and working with students and families of CSS! 

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