Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear St. Scholastica Families,

As you may have heard by now, CSS is closed today (Feb. 21st) due to another winter storm.  Below is an update on some important reminders that were just sent to students living on campus.
  • Food Service: The Greenview will be open regular hours both today and tomorrow, so food will be available for students (however, the menu may change due to food delivery issues). Please be sure to thank our Food Service staff for their hard work - some may have been "stuck" on campus well past their normal work schedule. Storm's Den and Beakers will be closed.
  • Be Prepared: Know where your flashlight is located, along with any personal emergency items such as medications. We also recommend filling your water bottle and making sure phones, etc. are fully charged.
  • Resident Avisors: Your RAs will be present on campus to support you as needed. In case of an emergency, please contact:
    Somers Duty Phone: 218-310-0789
    Apartments Duty Phone: 218-310-0787
    CSS Security:  218-723-6175
    All normal policies and procedures still apply. Please make responsible decisions for both yourself and your community members.  
  • Snowball: A final decision regarding Snowball will be sent later today - it will likely be cancelled. Please check you CSS email or talk with your RA.
  • Facilities: Please make sure all windows are shut, and external doors are pulled closed. Shovels have been delivered to various entryways for each building. When you are finished using a shovel, please return it for the next person.
  • Snow Removal: We are still waiting to hear from Facilities Services when the back parking lots will be plowed. We will send updates via CSS email as we learn more.
  • For your safety: We strongly encourage you to stay on campus and off the roads as much as possible. Safety is the main priority at this time. If you do go outside, please dress warmly as you never know what may happen in these conditions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Joelle McGovern at for additional information.


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