Sunday, March 30, 2014

Housing Renewal Update

The Residential Life Office is happy to share that housing renewal is near completion for current residents -- upperclass students have been placed and current first-year students received their placement order for selection on March 28.  It is an exciting time (and a privilege) for our office as we begin to help students think about their living/learning environment for next year.

At this time, there is a wait-list for upper-class housing. However, the Residential Life Office is committed to providing on-campus housing to all students who wish to live on campus. If your student missed the opportunity to participate in the housing renewal process, and would like to submit a housing application for next year, they can access renewal applications via their OneStop Page in Cor.

We are also happy to share that all residential buildings on campus will be considered co-ed during the 2014-15 academic year. Individual apartments, rooms and suites will remain same-gender within the housing unit (e.g. an apartment will have just men or just women). The buildings impacted by this change include Cedar Hall and Pine, Willow, Maple and Birch Apartments. Kerst, Scanlon, and Groves will continue to be co-ed. Somers will continue to be co-ed by wing.

The Residential Life Department at The College of St. Scholastica believes that it is important to provide on-campus building options that are equitable to all students regardless of gender. We also believe that co-ed buildings provide students a healthy, safe living environment that reflects the real world and better prepares students for living off-campus. Our Benedictine values guide our decisions and our community expectations. Students who live in a co-ed building will continue to experience a supportive living environment where both genders have the opportunity to become stewards of their community through respect and hospitality.

These beliefs motivated our exploration of changing sophomore housing to become co-ed. This fall, when we began to consider this decision, we conducted a survey of current apartment residents to gain their feedback regarding this proposal. The results of this survey indicated that the majority of current residents felt this would be a positive change.

Current first-year students now have access to view which apartments are available and will be able to choose from these openings on placement night (scheduled for April 8th). If you have questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me or view our resources via the link below.

Thank you,
Joelle McGovern
Residential Life

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