Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hello Parents!
        St. Scholastica is so proud your child is a part of our wonderful, loving, encompassing community. Each student’s journey is filled with hard work, fun times, and memorable moments within our Castle and outside on our beautiful campus. Whether your student is going to be a scientist or poet, Scholastica has a place for them and will do all possible to foster their intellectual curiosity and harbor their physical well-being. The journey might be theirs, but it is a strong support staff that will see them to graduation.
        Here at the OneStop office, we are concerned with the “business side” of being a student. Recently, we have been reminded about our access to the Parent Blog and are extremely excited to contribute our few cents to make you as parents better informed about the happenings on campus. Throughout the year we will be posting important dates, pertinent information to educational resources, posting interesting academic articles, and answering any questions you may have about affording and paying for college. Be sure to periodically tune in to the blog to see what news we have to say and see how you can help your student from the sidelines. Sometimes, the most help you can offer is to just be there, to let them know they are taken care of and loved. As always, be sure to stop into the OneStop office on the first floor of Tower Hall in room 1130. We will be waiting for you with open arms, smiling faces, and bowls of candy.

-posted by Thomas Gallegos, Student Intern through the OneStop Office

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