Friday, October 16, 2015

Hello Parents!
For many students, life after college is just a dream beyond the rainbow. There are numerous tests, social events, study sessions, clubs and activities to participate in that the future seems much farther off than what is reality. However, as the months start to get colder, taking steps for preparing for life after graduation is becoming more critical every day.
Last Monday was the LIFE Event put on by the Savvy Saints, a group dedicated to helping students realizing the importance of financial literacy. This event was headed by OneStop Student Services Counselor Bridget Bohn, with help from her two student employees Jason Kazlauskas and Cody Brostrom. In conjunction with Storm’s Advocates, a group committed to student’s health and well-being, tables were set up with different stations so students who participated could play a life-sized version of the board game LIFE with realistic figures, expenses and salaries.
“Students had fun and the volunteers had a good time as well,” said Bohn. “We had twenty more students this year than last year and had a total of 76 students attend.”
Students who attended the event got a real taste of what life would be like after graduation. They saw what expenses would be like if they had their dream job and what it would take to afford a house, paying bills, and various other expenditures.
“A lot of new people learned a lot and it opened their eyes to life after college,” Kazlauskas said. “Financial literacy can be stressful, but it’s necessary and with practice it gets much easier.”
Although the LIFE Event was a success, the Savvy Saints have not stopped their efforts. After each LIFE Event, there are workshops through the rest of the week which includes in-detail presentations on specific topics such as taxes, student loans, and credit.
“Apart from the LIFE Event we will have a Halloween challenge at the end of October and various other workshops spread throughout the year,” said Kazlauskas.
Financial literacy is of the utmost importance for students, but unfortunately gets put on the back-burner more often than not. Not to worry however, with programs like Savvy Saints and their events, students can actively prepare while simultaneously having a good time.
If you or your student would like more information about Savvy Saints and their programs or would like to set up a budgeting appointment you can email them at or check out their website; Another LIFE Event is scheduled for November 9th, coinciding with philanthropy week; be bold, be Benedictine, and be prepared for life after graduation.

Posted by Thomas Gallegos
OneStop Student Services Counselor
The College of St. Scholastica

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