Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hello Parents! E-Transcripts for You and the Environment

Climate change is a rising issue floating around the world right now. Caucuses, debates, scientific hearings, and protests are starting to address environmental issues relevant to the average person. We here at St. Scholastica have always been dedicated stewards to our beautiful, natural campus, striving to maintain beauty and tradition. From our forest to our fields, we want to preserve the pristine campus and recent snowfall St. Scholastica is known for. 

In an effort to follow our college’s goals and become a more conscious, green community, we here at OneStop have recently added an E-Transcript option for ordering transcripts from our wonderful institution. E-Transcripts are an electronic way to send documentation to scholarships, colleges, businesses and other locations without having to waste unnecessary paper. Additionally, E-Transcripts cost less money that traditional paper copies and can be sent anywhere you’d prefer. The only disadvantage is, well, we in the office might have to get back to you on that one since we cannot think of any reason why not to order this electronic copy. 

Although this might be a tough transition, and you might have many questions, we are always available to answer any inquiry and quell any fear. Remember, you can either email us at onestop@css.edu or call 218-723-6570 for any queries. Cheaper, easier, environmentally-friendly, E-Transcripts are a great way to help our college become greener and socially conscious. Small steps and actions create big solutions. Please help spread the word, encourage others, and most importantly remember to take a minute next time you are on campus to enjoy the natural beauty that is St. Scholastica.

Posted by Thomas Gallegos
OneStop Student Services Counselor
The College of St. Scholastica

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