Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer is a time for sunshine!

Summer is a time for sunshine, ice cream, cold dips in lakes, and of course financial aid. Even though the St. Scholastica halls are sparse and orientations have come and gone, we are still working very hard to help all students. From graduate to incoming first years, our office has open doors and friendly faces. We here just want to let you all know our dedication to the student body, even when the bright blue sky brings us chirping birds and beautiful breezes.
A couple items to keep in mind for both incoming parents and returning; remember to have your student fill out the FERPA authorization and have them give you the six digit numerical code they created so when we ask we can talk to you about your student’s account. Also, if you haven’t provided proof of health insurance, please do so when you see fit, or you can opt-in for student health insurance, which is open as of now. Another item to keep in mind is the Refund Authorization, which your student can select to have their potential refund return to them or stay on the account from fall to spring. All of these business items are located on the student’s OneStop Student Services Checklist on their OneStop page in Cor. If you or your student are having troubles locating any of these, please let us know. Although summer time is in full bloom, we are here to help.

Tomorrow is Grandma’s Marathon and since it is the 40th anniversary, Duluth is bustling with excitement. An overall sense of runner anticipation is thicker than the humidity in the air. We want to wish all visitors, volunteers, and of course runners the best of luck and joy. Grandma’s is a special time of year and we hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. Run hard, study harder, and as always let OneStop know if we can help you or your student manage the business side of being a student because while school may seem like a sprint, we are here for the full marathon of your student’s journey through St. Scholastica.
From our Family to yours, have a wonderful weekend!
Posted by Thomas Gallegos
OneStop Student Services Counselor
The College of St. Scholastica

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