Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Be Prepared for Fall

Going camping in the beautiful wilderness of Minnesota is both a privilege and a pleasure for many who enjoy spending their summer days outside. From fireside s'mores, to quietly fishing in local lakes, there is something for everybody. However, before camping, there is much needed prep work to make the experience as easy as possible. A checklist is a good way to ensure all equipment and supplies are in order as well as time set aside for planning hikes and activities. While going off exploring and letting nature take it’s course is fun, being prepared is crucial to safety and security.
We here at OneStop know not everyone is enthusiastic about the great outdoors, yet we still like to emphasize the importance of preparation. This week we will be sending out the first Schedule/Bills for the fall semester electronically to student’s CSS email accounts. Schedule / bills itemize the charges on students’ accounts, including tuition and fees, housing, meals, health insurance and any course or lab fees. Keep in mind we are sending these out early to ensure you and your student are prepared for the upcoming school year.
Going to college is much like a trip into the woods and OneStop tries to provide a map to help alleviate any anxiety and stress coming into an unfamiliar place. Some parents might already know the lay of the land, while others are taking their first steps on the CSS trail; we are here to make sure you and your student can manage the business side of being a student. The best way to do so is to check and make sure all items are accounted for. When the first Schedule/Bill comes, please cross check with your financial aid award letter to see what is needed for the fall semester. If there are discrepancies, questions, or confusion, let us know so we can help light the way and show the best path for your student.
Preparation is key to success for St. Scholastica students and with the Schedule/Bills coming out, the preparation will become much easier. We would like to also reiterate our commitment to fostering a safe and comfortable community. Please encourage your students to stop by and say hello. We can set up appointments, answer questions or redirect to other resources and most of all ensure your student knows where they stand in regards to their financial situation. As always, either email or call or stop in anytime.

Posted by Thomas Gallegos
OneStop Student Services Counselor
The College of St. Scholastica

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