Monday, September 26, 2016

Is the honeymoon over?

Is the honeymoon over? What do you do if your student is having roommate troubles?
Refer to an RA! RAs or Residential Assistants are trained to support students, mediate conflict, and refer to on campus resources if necessary. RA’s can also provide information about upcoming events and programs such as the CSS CHOICES program and Community Day.
What is CSS CHOICES and Community Day?
Community Day is October 5th. Every member of the CSS community is encouraged to participate. Ask your student what activity they are going to do for Community Day.

There is another opportunity to get involved in fun events on campus. The CSS CHOICES program is facilitated by the CHOICES team of staff, faculty, coaches and students. The program is dedicated to providing information about safe party practices, alcohol education and plans fun events for students to participate in. CHOICES will be kicking off their program this week. We would like every student to attend our kick off event! Check the CSS Master calendar or Saints Life facebook page for more information about this event.

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