Monday, December 12, 2016

You may be thinking about your payments….

You may be thinking about your payments and managing your finances, we are here to help!
Savvy Saints is a part of WellU Financial and is directed by OneStop Student Services.
  • We are designed to improve the financial confidence and money management habits of students at The College of St. Scholastica.
  • Peer mentors organize and facilitate a variety of personal finance educational experiences, including classroom presentations, workshops, and campus community events.
    • Mentors encourage students to become good stewards of their fiscal resources by equipping them with the tools necessary to achieve their short and long-term financial goals.

    • The main topics covered by the Savvy Saints include budgeting, credit, and debt, but please feel free to contact us with any topics about which you would like to learn more!
    • Create an account for GradReady! Then log in any time to get information on paying for college, money management, and student loan repayment. Read helpful articles, watch videos, and complete quizzes.

St. Scholastica currently has one financial peer mentor, Savvy Saint, Jason Kazlauskas, who works with students on advancing their personal finance knowledge.
Watch for activities sponsored by Financial Literacy, WellU and set up a meeting with a Savvy Saint,
Please feel free to send questions to Savvy Saints at

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