Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Senior graduating?

Do you have a senior who is graduating this year?

The senior year is when organizing and conducting a job search or graduate school search begins in earnest.  It is also a time when students are heavily involved in more advanced courses and often have more responsible roles in campus and/or volunteer activities.  Balancing these important pursuits and setting priorities is a constant challenge for seniors.

You are probably anxious for this young adult to make a decision – and yet, he or she may be moving toward closure more slowly than you would wish.

What you can do to help -

·         Suggest that he or she use the services available through Career Services throughout their senior year.  They can provide assistance in preparation for the job search.  Services they offer include:
o   Help with resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and other job search skills
o   Individual career advising
o   Job-search resources
·         Don’t nag your child about not having a job yet.  This will often have the reverse effect.  Use positive reinforcement.
·         Don’t call potential employers to intervene for your child.  Contact with potential employers is the candidate’s responsibility.
·         Be prepared to support your child through the ups and downs of the job and graduate school search.  It can be a bumpy road.  Your student will need reassurance that for every door that closes, another opens.

*Adapted for The College of St. Scholastica courtesy of the national Association of Colleges and Employers.  

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