Thursday, May 4, 2017

Summer is great time for students to give attention to career details

     Classes are done and students are ready for a much needed change of pace over the summer months.  Many will go on to jobs, internships, and/or continue with summer classes, but summer is also a great time to sharpen career skills. Career Services’ staff are available over the summer to help!  We can set up one-on-one meetings, or collaborate by phone or email. 

     For first and second year students, summer is a great time to explore careers and career paths.  If they are unsure of their major or career path, we have assessments that that can complete which will help give them direction.  It is also a great time to job shadow, conduct informational interviews, and research careers online.  There are many resources available at Just contact us a 218-723-6085 or email to set up a one-on-one appointment.

     For Juniors and Seniors, summer is a great time to update resumes, LinkedIn profiles and polish interviewing skills.  Career Services’ staff can review resumes in-person or by email at  It is also a good time to practice interview skills.  InterviewStream is an online interactive tool to practice and review responses to possible interview questions.  Career Services’ staff can also conduct mock interviews in the office.

     We hope your student has a great summer and we look forward to working with them in Career Services! 

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