Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Is Your Student Career Ready?


Employers want to hire talented college students and recent graduates who can demonstrate particular skills.  Mastering these Career Readiness Competencies will make students competitive candidates for future employment.  Each month we will highlight one competency and strategy to develop and demonstrate these skills.  We begin with:

Oral/Written Communication Skills
Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively to a variety of audiences; ability to deliver
information in person, in writing, and in the digital world. In your career portfolio this might include:

  • Professional introductions  
  • Email communication
  • Resumes, cover letters, personal statements
  • Interviewing skills

These skills can be practiced inside and outside the classroom:

  • Practice introductions and elevator pitch by using them often when meeting and connecting with people.
  • Participate in student clubs, community activities, part-time jobs, internships and field experiences.
  • Strive for excellence in papers, presentations, research, and group projects
  • Conduct email communication in a professional manner (grammar, language, formatting)
  • Practice answering interview questions on InterviewStream, an interactive online tool where responses are recorded and can be played back and retried.  
  • Seek out writing assistance at the Rose Warner Writing Center (T2121), where there are both writing assistance for papers and Career Services Job Skills Assistants to help with resumes and cover letters.
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